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Network Engineering and Implementation
RAM provides engineering expertise to analyze system design and interoperability and provides recommendations for optimization of the network operational and security posture. RAM employs sound network engineering and analysis practices to ensure end-to-end solutions that address cabling and infrastructure support, power requirements, hardware and software compatibility, monitoring, management, and optimization of network devices.

RAM has designed and implemented network infrastructures and upgrades for numerous Department of Defense (DoD) customers. This support includes installation of cable, and installation and configuration of switches, routers, and servers. RAM also installs firmware and administrative software.

Network Operations
RAM provides comprehensive end-to-end technical support of classified and unclassified networks. We provide core network operations services using state-of-the-art network management tools and administration techniques. RAM manages internet protocol (IP) address space for network devices including servers, printers, switches, network management devices, workstations, video teleconference (VTC), and other IP-based equipment. RAM provides real-time diagnostics and performance monitoring of the network, and carefully monitors network tools to locate and correct problems and target areas where upgrades may be necessary. We use network analysis utilities for protocol analysis and network troubleshooting, and implement approved patches and security fixes across the network. We maintain a repository of reported problems and support procedures to facilitate accurate and timely restoration of network operations.

Network Security
RAM is fully competent in the processes for implementing DIACAP for the accreditation of secure and nonsecure military networks. We recommend, install, upgrade, configure and maintain network firewalls, network security tools, intrusion detection systems, authentication systems, and encryption schemes. RAM administers military networks at all levels of security.

Information Enterprise Technical Support
For over 10 years, RAM has designed, established, operated, maintained, provided security for, and trained users on virtually every type of IT hardware and software in use by DoD customers. This background, combined with our experience providing a variety of logistics and technical support services, positions RAM to provide the customer comprehensive information enterprise support.

System/Server Administration
RAM works in partnership with the customer to smoothly integrate the administration of a wide variety of systems, including multiple email systems, database servers, and network management systems. We develop and integrate procedures to cover the entire range of administration support issues, including systems monitoring, security management, software upgrades, and data backups and recovery.

System Configuration, Testing and Installation
RAM receives and inventories hardware, software, and operating systems; tests and validates new software applications and operating systems; and distributes and installs software releases and updates. RAM assists customers with software customization and ensures that all systems and networks meet DoD, agency, and local security requirements.

Helpdesk Operations
RAM helpdesk support spans all levels of support and includes support for 24/7 operations. All trouble calls routed through the helpdesk are recorded in an automated tracking tool and aggressively managed until the trouble is resolved. RAM has experience with numerous standard helpdesk systems used for tracking all work performed, thus allowing us to provide performance metrics and create an audit trail for fine-tuning support requirements and manning. By tracking work performed and work performance, along with customer satisfaction survey inputs, RAM ensures optimal performance for responding to support issues.

Hardware and Software Maintenance and Update
RAM supports our customers' current and future configurations of hardware and software, including network topology upgrades and expansion, operating system/application upgrades, and enterprise design changes. RAM uses dedicated technical resources to obtain and evaluate the data necessary to reproduce, analyze, and ultimately resolve the customers' problems. RAM maintains spares as authorized by the customer and establishes working relationships with vendors, enabling rapid replacement of faulty parts.

Software Engineering and Development
RAM has developed desktop and web-based database applications to streamline and improve installation processes for all types of commercial and Governmental missions. RAM developers have utilized tools across all major platforms, developing multi-platform systems meeting all the varied needs of our customers. RAM uses Government-accepted Agile Development techniques and other engineering methods in our software engineering practices and has provided software development, customization of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software packages, and migration to modular applications.

RAM personnel understand that continuous customer involvement ensures a much more customized and useful product when applied to the production environment. In the long run, the overall time to develop useful systems and processes is reduced and the effectiveness and efficiency is greatly improved. RAM personnel have been integral in the assessment, recommendation, and implementation of COTS document management systems across the DoD and other Government facilities on an installation-wide scale. RAM has developed custom applications and adapted COTS software to meet the specific need of both military and civilian customers in a variety of situations. RAM understands the importance of reengineering the entire business process rather than just the affected system. New systems always provide new capabilities and techniques, and it is impossible to use these to full advantage without updating the process the automation tool supports. RAM has developed migration techniques that function in phases, allowing the customer to continue operation even during the migration. The principles of customer involvement carry through to the maintenance cycle, where RAM development and maintenance personnel work closely with the customers to develop upgrades and corrections. Periodic analysis is also made of the updated business process to ensure the entire integrated system is working optimally.

Database Development and Administration
RAM provides ongoing database administration and customer support including database management functions, detailed review of database content for discrepancies and quality control, and data entry, as required, for all authorized users. RAM has developed and demonstrated proof of concept solutions for in-house database developments that are adjunct and necessary components of total information technology management and support. We have developed multiple database products for the collection, organization, and support of our customers' systems, such as helpdesk call-tracking software and inventory control software.

Process Management Methodology
RAM uses structured analysis, top-down design, rapid prototyping, and data flow analysis in the development of software products. All phases of the software life-cycle are documented for tracking purposes and to support collection of metrics. Code walkthroughs verify compliance with requirements and specifications. The results of each level of testing are fed back into the development of the software system.

RAM developers' use of the Agile Development methodology for software project management ensures a shorter time to develop useful software and a flexible engineering process that can adjust quickly to changes in customer needs and mission. In addition, RAM's strict adherence to accepted levels of reporting and documentation ensure not only compliance with all relevant Government regulations, but a greater transparency for the customer during the development process.

Web-Based Applications
RAM brings substantial web development experience to the requirements of our customers. RAM understands how to take full advantage of web technology and has placed customer information on dynamic, responsive web applications, selectively restricted to the customers' organization. RAM has created web services and web applications, such as live chat rooms and video-based learning centers, using shared objects.

Through the use of Microsoft SharePoint Services, RAM has developed a collaborative intranet portal to be used by all staff for sharing, such information as software installation manuals, scheduled network maintenance, mass announcements, and student workspaces. This saves crucial bandwidth and allows easier collaboration among support staff and training customers. Windows SharePoint Services, as configured by RAM technicians, can enable users to locate distributed information quickly and efficiently, as well as connect to and work with others more productively via their web browser. RAM can customize the content and layout of sites to ensure that site members can access and work with important and relevant information that will produce collaborative sites in which users can easily share and distribute information. RAM can extend the Microsoft SharePoint configuration efforts by creating an external SharePoint server that will be accessible by customers, as well as local users. With the installation and configuration of an external SharePoint site, staff members and remote users will have the ability to actively publish and share data via the internet to allow for remote collaboration of ideas and projects.

Software Quality Assurance
RAM provides Software Quality Assurance (SQA) through documentation of performance, products, and services and confirms compliance through constant monitoring by senior RAM engineers. Further, each software project receives a complete internal audit annually to determine conformance to published standards. This approach to SQA has enhanced productivity; provided compatibility with commercial, Government, and international standards; and reduced development costs to our customers.

Configuration Management
RAM tailors Configuration Management (CM) services to the customers' specific operation. We use DoD, Department of the Army, and Military Standards to tailor services in the areas of configuration identification, configuration change control, configuration status accounting, audits, and project support. RAM develops detailed policies, processes, and procedures to implement the CM Plan, and gathers metrics and generates tailored reports in response to the customers' requirements.

Cable Plant
In the course of providing telecommunication infrastructure support, RAM performs cable plant planning, installations, integration, retrofit, testing, certification, and maintenance. Cable support includes support for twisted pair (CAT 5, CAT 5e, CAT 6, etc.), as well as single mode, multi-mode, and custom fiber applications. RAM performs all installations according to accepted industry standards established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), and Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA).

RAM implements and maintains cable plant configuration databases that contain extensive information used to reduce troubleshooting time. RAM has experience with numerous standard work order systems for tracking all work performed, thus allowing us to provide performance metrics and create an audit trail for fine-tuning support requirements and manning. By tracking work performed and work performance, along with customer satisfaction survey inputs, RAM ensures optimal performance for responding to priority work orders.

Telecommunications Switch Support
RAM has established a high quality of telecommunication services and troubleshooting of problems associated with routing and switching systems and infrastructure, including Nortel and Cisco products. We have experience in telephone service program management; assistance in needs assessments; performing site surveys; development of cost estimates for projects; and daily operations and maintenance including adding, moving, and changes in telephone services.

RAM provides full support for analog and digital telephone circuits and systems, including basic analog and digital lines, 911 circuits, and dry cable pairs for alarm circuits. We also provide support for secure devices like STU III and STE telephones that are used for secure communications.

Video Teleconference Systems
RAM provides support for the design, expansion, configuration, and operation of portable and fixed secure and nonsecure video teleconference (VTC) systems interconnecting remote sites with their higher headquarters and for implementing Distance Learning programs. For many of our customers, RAM performs all coordination, scheduling, set-up and tear-down, and operation of the system. We schedule and perform preventive maintenance and troubleshooting, manage the server software configuration settings, implement approved baseline changes, and perform VTC server backups.

Information Technology Training
RAM provides IT training and support for a variety of commercial and Government software packages. We establish and review course content and objectives and produce computer-based or web-based training, as required. RAM reviews training documentation, course material, and provides recommendations. To stay ahead of customer requirements, RAM reviews future software product updates, performs needs analysis, and provides suggestions for training changes and new requirements based on its potential impact.

Hardware/Software Acquisition
When directed by the customer, RAM purchases hardware and/or software to support approved upgrades to systems and/or the network enterprise. We install, integrate, and subsequently maintain the new hardware and software. RAM provides the customer cost estimates and potential equipment vendors for the upgrades and places the order for competitive bids. RAM evaluates the quotes received for price and availability and makes recommendations to the customer for purchase.

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