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RAM has a long history of supporting the Developmental Test/Operational Test (DT/OT) community. Our experience in test planning, test conduct, data collection, and experimentation missions has provided our clients the requisite data necessary for senior DOD decision makers to make informed decisions concerning Joint and Army programs. RAM supports the full spectrum of testing, from end-to-end test planning through execution and reporting. Support includes input to key government test documents such as the Operational Test Agency Test Plan (OTATP), Detailed Test Plan (DTP) and Abbreviated Operational Test Report (AOTR). Our Test and Evaluation (T&E) experience includes Joint and Multi-Service Tests that encompass Research and Development (R&D) and Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of instrumentation equipment and system platforms and technical support at various test ranges.

As the support contractor for the U.S. Army Operational Test Command (USAOTC) and numerous other DOD clients, RAM has coordinated all of the key elements of test personnel requirements, training to support DT/OT, deployment and redeployment of test teams to CONUS/OCONUS test sites, instrumentation/simulation verification and validation, Real Time Casualty Assessment instrumentation/support, test execution and control, manual and instrumented data collection, web-based data collection and authentication, data reduction, video reduction, computer programming, data analysis and validation, data archival, and the necessary aspects of miscellaneous test support requirements such as the purchase of test support items, transportation, licensing, acquiring requisite security clearances, maintenance of onsite support equipment, and logistical support. We have provided training, database management, and data collection forms in support of USAOTC Forward Operational Assessment Teams located in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Data Collection
RAM creates data collection plans based on test scenarios and mission events list (MEL) to ensure all data is collected in the areas of Manpower and Personnel Integration (MANPRINT), performance, and RAM (reliability, availability and maintenance). Our data collectors are trained to observe and document events on data collection forms, facilitate test player questionnaire completion, and perform interviews with test players. These personnel are also the first line of quality control checks that we exercise at multiple levels to ensure completeness and accuracy.

Data Management
Using available source documents such as Plan of Action & Milestones (POA&M), Data Source Matrix (DSM), and New Equipment Training (NET) documentation, our data management personnel design and build the full array of data collection forms, including test player demographics, collection forms, surveys, and questionnaires. We maintain the data library to record and file all data flowing into the data management cells (DMC). Our test teams design and develop applications that convert, merge, extract, and create views of the test data to assist in data reduction and the review process. Our DMC routinely perform data reduction to produce Data Authentication Group (DAG)-ready displays and reports of manual and instrumented data. We structure our teams to provide DAG-ready manual data within 24 hours after delivery of data to the DMC and DAG-ready instrumentation data within 36 hours. We support the entire DAG and RAM Scoring Conference (RSC) process. We develop DAG viewing screens and provide procedures for electronic data authentication. As required, we record details of data anomalies, conduct investigation and resolution of data anomalies, and track Request for Information (RFI) items. RAM can support onsite DAGs or facilitate a Web-Based DAG (WEBDAG) process. At the end of test support, we electronically archive all documents, as required by the government test team.

Test Operations
RAM provides support to the Test Operation Section, which is responsible for maintaining the test battle rhythm and logistics of the test team. We review and provide input to the scenarios and MEL, provide input to briefings, monitor the battle rhythm, and track test resources during test execution. We provide input to safety risk assessments, implement a badge plan to identify and control authorized test personnel granted access to test areas, and coordinate the structure and essential fields with the DMC. We provide logistical support, to include government furnished property (GFP), transportation, and lodging support for our team members, and provide purchasing and procurement support.

Test Instrumentation
RAM provides the requisite modeling and simulation support to accomplish scenario development, including scenario support packages, time ordered event lists, master event lists, and simulation databases in accordance with the specific needs of the test. We also provide the technical support necessary to design and develop software and instrumentation prototypes in accordance with the technical requirement. Our engineering services may range from reconfiguring brackets to mount instrumentation and adapting existing instrumentation to meet new test requirements, to designing new instrumentation to collect data from new weapons systems.

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